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STD Test Review

by John Mark (2017-08-04)

It’s common knowledge that STD testing is important for taking control of your sexual health and protecting the health of your partners. Testing is simple and fairly inexpensive, but anxiety and embarrassment often keep individuals from taking this step. Sexually transmitted diseases can be present with no noticeable symptoms, leaving those who have been exposed open to unknowingly sharing their misfortune. The website STDTest. com now offers an online alternative with regard to discreet, anonymous testing along with fast, private results.

Who is STD Test?

STD Test is really a service which offers the particular ability to order assessments online and receive leads to one to two times. The site gives a 10-test panel for all main STDs or single assessments for Syphilis, HIV one and 2, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes 1 and two, or Hepatitis A, W and C. It will be also the only real clinic providing HIV RNA testing with regard to early HIV detection. Expenses are one of the lowest within the industry. The 10-test panel is $219, or even $349 with HIV RNA testing. Individual tests vary from $24 to $85.
Purchasing online is simple, plus the test takes 5 minutes. There are more than 4, 000 labs obtainable throughout the United Says including most LabCorp plus Quest Diagnostics locations. Simply no appointment is essential, and same-day testing can be obtained. There will be no paperwork to complete, no questions to become answered, and you could expect outcomes to be delivered rapidly by encrypted email. Transaction options include credit cards, check, health-savings account (HSA) card, or PayPal. It is important to note that will medical health insurance is not approved as a sort of transaction. Check this link for more infomation about STD Test here.

Is it Reliable?

Almost all tests are FDA authorized, and are the exact same kinds that are widely-used within hospitals and clinics. A person can be confident in knowing that each lab is Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) certified. Results arrive in clear, easy-to read PDF format and for each positive test result (except oral herpes) the company provides a free over-the-phone physician consultation.

I’m Ready, How Do I Start?

The first step is to visit the website and determine which tests are right for you. If you are unsure, there is a 15-question tool to help you determine your need. Ordering is done either online or over the phone. Choose from a listing of available labs in your area, provide your personal and payment information, and you will receive an email with your personal code and the address of your chosen lab. Simply visit the lab, provide the necessary blood or urine sample, and wait for your results to arrive. If you have any questions or want to check on the status of your results, councilors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uh Oh, I Received a Positive Result. Now What?

If you receive a positive test result, you will have the option of consulting with a physician to discuss your options. Depending on the diagnosis, you may receive a prescription or be referred to a specialist. There is an additional charge of $64 for prescription medication.
Notifying sexual partners of a positive test result is an awkward and embarrassing necessity. STDTest. com offers an anonymous STD notification service. Simply provide contact information and your partners will receive either a text or email notifying them of possible exposure without mention of your name.

So Is STDTest. com Legit?

Online reviews both on the STDTest. com website and on third-party sites are overwhelmingly positive. The company is Better Business Bureau accredited and has an A+ rating. Although they do get some complaints, it seems that they are quickly addressed and resolved.
The primary complaint revolves around the time it takes to receive results. While the site prominently states that results are provided in one to two days, it does not indicate that they are referring to business days. This means that if you take a test on a Saturday, you may not receive your results until Tuesday or Wednesday. For an already anxious customer, those extra few days can feel like a lifetime. Results from HIV RNA tests also take slightly longer. This is not clearly indicated on the site and has resulted in a few unhappy customers.
Since insurance is not accepted, you will have to pay for the support from pocket. If a person have good coverage plus are not overly ashamed by the need with regard to testing, you could be able in order to save money by going to your physician or local medical center.
Other complaints are dependent mostly on long keep times when contacting advisors and dissatisfaction using the solutions offered after a good test result. If a person are identified as having certain STDs, you may conclusion upward having to visit the local doctor for treatment.
The organization does permit you to cancel screening any time before a person visit the lab. Refunds will be received inside 24-48 hours, but is going to be charged a 20% support fee. If you terminate 21 days or a lot more after purchase, refunds will certainly not be offered, however, you will receive credit with regard to future testing.
Overall, it is clear that STDTest. possuindo is unquestionably legitimate! Going in to it with realistic anticipation will assist you to reduce any dissatisfaction. Ultimately you can depend upon this company to provide the services provided at a reasonable price and with great reliability.

What About Privacy?

Testing and results are 100% confidential. The company is bound by state and federal privacy laws, including HIPAA rules. When you purchase your test you are provided with a unique code which will allow you to visit the lab without providing you name or contact information. This code is used to track and receive your test results. Results are provided via 128-bit encrypted secure email, and once your testing is complete the company does not retain your personal or payment information.
By not accepting insurance as a form of payment, the company is protecting your results from being reported to your insurance company or added to your own medical records.