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by Euricana Ciara (2017-07-20)

Get as much work exeperience as you can while at uni, everyone has a degreee these days. Send your CV to newpapers, magazines and radio stations and tell them you will work for free. Then get on the phone and harass them. You could always start a blog too. Keep writing and build up a portfolio. Think about doing a masters in creative writing- East Anglia is meant to be the best. Essay Help  & You can always contact the BBC/ITV etc. and see if you could get experience with them. Even your favorite TV programme. Spend time thinking about your long-term career move and plan your career with your careers department. Get them to read your CV. But even if you need a part-time job in a shop to pay your rent- that's all experience. Fill up your CV. with hobbies and travel too. Good luck!!!xx