LiLT (Linguistic Issues in Language Technology)

Linguistic Issues in Language Technology (LiLT) is an open-access journal that focusses on relationships between linguistic insights, which can prove valuable to language technology, and language technology, which can enrich linguistic research.The Editorial Board of LiLT believes that, in conjunction with sophisticated computational methods, deeper and more sophisticated models of language and speech are needed to make significant progress in both existing and newly emerging areas of language processing. The Board also believes that the vast quantity of electronically-accessible natural language data (text and speech, annotated and unannotated, formal and informal) provides unprecedented opportunities for data-intensive analysis of linguistic phenomena, which can in turn enrich computational methods. LiLT provides a forum for such work. LiLT takes an eclectic view on methodology.

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LiLT at Stanford


LiLT is now hosted at Stanford. For older issues see:

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Vol 17: Complex Predicates in In TAG, LFG and HPSG

This volume contains four papers on complex predicates in Urdu/Hindi. The original paper is the first one. The three other contributions are reactions to the first submission from different points of view. While the first paper has been peer reviewed. The three other ones have been published as submitted.

Table of Contents


Ashwini Vaidya, Owen Rambow, Martha Palmer
John Lowe
Stefan Müller
Miriam Butt