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Roosevelt Gill

Affiliation The National Rifle Association (NRA), Golden Gate United National Rifle Association, California Rifle & Pistol Association, Gun Owners of America (GOA), Louisiana Trappers & Alligator Hunters Association.
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I am an avid big game hunter, I try to visit Southern Africa every hunting season. Hunting in Africa is a team effort involving not just the hunter, outfitter, guide, tracker and skinner, but also boots, clothing, optics, rifle, sling, and ammunition. You're a long way from the USA over in Africa, so pack the right gear. 

Match your rifle to your tastes as well as the demands of the big game hunt. A crocodile rifle sling is easy enough to obtain and hard to beat. They're also rugged, strong, dependable and simple. Autoloading guns are rarely legal. Lever-actions work just fine. So do various single-shots. Switch barrel guns like the Blaser R8 system can be handy, allowing one hunter to bring two or more barrels matching specific shooting needs. My fiance and I each bring an R8 in our favorite medium game chambering, then share a 375 H&H or 458 Lott barrel and sometimes a light, small antelope barrel in 243 Win. or even 223 Rem.
Carrying barrels for "specialty" hunts is easier than bringing complete rifles.